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Our period pants are designed to conform to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Designed For Your Lifestyle

Our undies are designed to not get in your way and make you feel secure and confident throughout your period.

Say hello to clever underwear that absorbs your period.

Our reusable, washable underwear is designed to completely replace disposable pads and tampons, giving you protection when you need it most.

They look like regular undies, but they work like magic!

Why our products?

Super Absorbent

Our undies can hold up to four tampons worth of blood.

Super Comfortable

We only use the softest cotton and bamboo fibers in our period pants.

Super Sustainable

The materials we use are sourced and grown sustainably and the producers receive a fair living wage for their work.

How do they work?

Every pair of our undies are made using built-in triple layer tech that keeps you fresh, dry and protected throughout your period.

Moisture & Odor Control

1. Moisture wicking & odor control: 

The top layer wicks moisture away quickly, keeping you fresh and dry. The construction of the materials prevent bacteria building up stopping odors!

Super Absorbent

2. Super absorbent: 

This clever layer absorbs up to four tampons worth of blood.


3. Leak-proof:

Breathable waterproof fabric prevents leaks and stains.

Washing & caring for your undies.

1. Rinse

Simply rinse after use, until water runs clear

2. Wash

Machine wash at 68-86(30-40). No fabric softener please!

3. Dry

Hang to dry or dry on radiator (please do not tumble dry)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hygienic to wear them all day?

Yes! Our period pants contain unique antimicrobial properties which naturally occur due to the construction of the fibers, and there are no added toxins or chemicals!

Do period pants completely replace other period products?

They can. Our underwear can absorb up to four tampons' and be worn alone.

Will they smell or feel wet?

Nope! The antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria building up to stop any smells, and our materials wick away moisture quickly keeping you dry and fresh!

How do they work?

Trés Belle Undies combine three layers of ultra-thin materials that are moisture wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-proof so you can say goodbye to pads and tampons. Trés Belle Undies can also used for post-partum, bladder leaks, and discharge.

What does 'period proof' even mean?

Period-proof means that the lining of the underwear is designed to absorb moisture from vaginal discharge, sweats, bladder leaks, and periods, without leaking. Our underwear consists of three thin layers of protection that make this possible.

Top layer: Moisture Wicking & Anti-Microbial - So that you stay fresh as a daisy and squeaky clean too.
Middle Layer: Absorbs Moisture - So you don’t feel wet.
Bottom Layer: Leak-proof - So you're worry free.

Do Trés Belle Undies completely replace pads & tampons?

Yes, Trés Belle Undies replaces pantyliners, pads and tampons. Our absorbent lining holds up to 10x its weight and absorbs moisture at rates 20x faster than cotton. This allows Trés Belle Undies to absorb up to 4x the amount of a regular pad and hold for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. You will know when it’s time to change your Trés Belle Undies, but it will not be visible to anyone else!

Can I use them for bladder leaks?

Yes, that’s why we say Trés Belle Undies is so versatile! They can be used for periods, post-partum, bladder incontinence, and bladder leaks.

What color is the lining?

The lining is black.

How do I wash my undies?

Trés Belle Undies should be cared for just as any other underwear. Simply rinse after use until the water runs clear, then wash them at 30 degrees, and hang to dry. Please do not tumble dry / add fabric softener - this will damage the absorbent tech.

Are Trés Belle Undies hygienic?

Of course. The built-in protective panel has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, due to the way in which the blood is locked and prevents further microbe growth, so you will feel fresh at all times.

How long can I wear them for?

Trés Belle Undies absorbs up to 4x the amount of a regular pad and hold for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. You will know when it’s time to change your Trés Belle Undies, but it will not be visible to anyone else!

Are Trés Belle Undies eco friendly and ethically made?

Did you know one disposable pad takes up to 500 years to decompose? Or that hundreds and thousands of pads & tampons enter our landfills annually? Well, now you do. And you can help to change this. By switching to reusable period solutions, you're reducing your carbon footprint and stopping waste from damaging our planet.

Aside from being an environmentally friendly alternative, Trés Belle Undies are kinder to your skin. The materials we use are Oeko-tex certified, meaning they're free from any nasty stuff and safe to put on your most delicate and intimate parts. Our undies contain no hidden chemicals, or irritants.

Are your garments vegan?

They sure are! Whilst some period panties use fabrics such as wool, our undies derive from 100% fabric and 0% animals.

Where are Trés Belle Undies manufactured?

We believe in fair wages, good working conditions, a happy environment, and reasonable hours. Currently, our undies are made with love in China, by family run manufacturers with over 20 years experience. Any factories that we partner with undergo extensive audits and are ISO and BSCI approved, and also use materials that are Oeko-tex certified, meaning they're safe to use. We believe in fair trade, proper pay, rest breaks, and a good cup of coffee. We don't believe in exploiting women in one country to empower them in another. You can sleep easy knowing your undies are made ethically.

How long will one pair last?

One pair of Trés Belle Undies will last up to 3 years, replacing over 200 pads/tampons and stopping them from going to landfill! This is based on using one pair of underwear once during each cycle for three years.

Our 100% satisfaction promise to you

If you don't get along with your new period pants in the first 60 days or two cycles, just let us know using our contact form and we will refund you hassle free!